What no alcohol!

It may be surprising to some that practicing Muslims abstain from all forms of alcohol - regardless of the alcohol content. Islam prohibits a Muslim from taking any intoxicants or mind altering drugs.

Muslims believe that a healthy life is about preserving sanctity and that God has created us in the best form. As such, altering our nature through the use of intoxicants is a disrespect to the Creator and the sanctity of life.

A practicing Muslim also strives to live the best possible moral and ethical life. Many intoxicants lower inhibitions and impair moral judgement and are the cause of problems, violence and abuse.  

Social settings

Muslims of course differ in their adherence to these beliefs. The spectrum ranges from very devote Muslims that will not attend social settings if alcohol is served, to Muslims that drink moderately, to Muslim alcoholics and drug addicts.

Practicing Muslims appreciate that others respect their choice not to consume alcohol. They may also avoid social situations where alcohol is served. When a Muslim does not partake in such activities they are not being unsocial.

It is also important to know that many Muslim youth struggle with identity and peer pressure. They may be experimenting with alcohol or drugs on their own or as a result of peer pressure. Muslims appreciate when adults of influence encourage such youth to hold by their Muslim beliefs and to discuss such issues with their families and religious community.