Between Culture & Islam

It can be very confusing for Canadian Muslims and other minority groups who straddle two different cultures and lifestyles. They may face great pressure fitting in with the Canadian society while being comfortable with their identity and religious beliefs.

A Muslim's religious identity is further complicated by the cultural influences of their families and upbringing. For example, some Muslim countries engage in rituals that pre-date Islam and have nothing to do with the religion itself.

There is also the reality of the political and religious oppression some Muslim immigrants and refugees have faced in their countries of origin. This may further exacerbate their identifying as Muslim Canadians.

Understanding a Muslims cultural heritage as well as Islamic beliefs is thus multifaceted. In simple terms, it is not correct to say a Muslim's culture and lifestyle are true reflections of Islamic beliefs.

Muslims come from many different cultures around the world. As Islam was introduced to each new people, it was for the most part, accepted into the already existing culture. Islam enhances the good of a culture or a civilization. It seeks to have a positive influence through justice and morality. Muslims can practice their culture without neglecting their religion. Therefore, there is no contradiction between being Canadian and being Muslim. The two are compatible and complimentary.