A New Life in a New Land documentary series and media project provides current and accurate information on Islam and Muslims in Canada. It follows in the spirit of Canada’s inclusive, multicultural policy. A New Life in a New Land breaks down barriers and eliminates negative stereotypes that fuel racism and discrimination.

Particularly, after the tragic event of September 11, 2001, creating resource material on Islam and Muslims for educators and the general public seemed necessary by the Muslim community in Canada and the United States.

A New Life in a New Land was produced and directed by Flordeliza Dayrit and Michael Milo. The series and Educator's Guide was written by Saira Rahman. The host of the series is Dawud Wharnsby.

A New Life in a New Land was produced in association with the University of Saskatchewan through Educational Media Access and Production.

Additional funding by

Muslim Council of Calgary; British Columbia Muslim Association; Islamic Association of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon); Islamic Information Centre; Meser Charitable Foundation


Al Rashid

The Al Rashid Muslim community in Edmonton, Alberta has been in existence for over a century. It has a history of innovative projects including building the first mosque in Canada. Al Rashid has provided partial funding for this website.


Executive Producer

Milo Productions Inc. is a digital media developer. Our work is produced for TV channels around the world and has been viewed on most continents. We take great care in the design and writing of our educational products ensuring both a fun and engaging experience for all users. We have over 20 years of experience and offer full production services, consultation, training and project management.