A New Life in a New Land - Documentary Series

A New Life in a New Land : The Muslim Experience in Canada is a media project created to provide current and accurate information on Islam and Muslims in Canada . It follows in the spirit of Canada 's inclusive multicultural policy by breaking down barriers and eliminating negative stereotypes that fuel racism and discrimination. The project includes a three part documentary television series accompanied by a 100 page Educator's Guide .


The Mosaic

The Mosaic, follows the arrival of the first Muslims in Canada over 150 years ago to present day - the struggles and challenges of settling in a new society to the eventual establishment of communities from coast to coast. The video looks at how Immigration trends have changed over the decades in response to government policy and how this has contributed to the growth of the Muslim community in Canada.



In Faith and Practice

The lives of Muslims to many "westerners" seem foreign. For some, there is a complete lack of knowledge of Islam and the Muslim community, while for others, there is the view of a mysterious religion complete with harems of belly dancing maidens. Yet, as the second largest of the world’s religions and one coming in increased contact with western values, it is helpful to have a better understanding of your Muslim neighbours.

In Faith and Practice, introduces the Muslim faith, Islam – its basic beliefs and teachings, and the prescribed acts of worship known as the "five pillars". And, it shows how Muslim Canadians are facing the challenge of putting their faith into practice.


A Warm Welcome

A Warm Welcome, captures the lives of five Muslim Canadians and their families, discovering the vital role they play and the significant contributions they have made to their country.

Alan Okanovic is a young Bosnian refugee, who completed a cross-Canada bike trip to raise awareness and funds for children of war torn countries. Salim Haji and his family left Somalia and the civil war that tore their country apart along tribal lines. Dr. Tyseer Aboulnasr has made a mark in Canadian academic history as being among the first few women to become Dean of Engineering at a Canadian university. . Sheema Khan is a founding director of the Muslim lobby organization CAIR-CAN (Council on American-Islamic Relations Canada). Dr. Ali Rajput is a neurologist and researcher living in Saskatoon.